Blush is Maura Lynch (of  Darlings ), backed by her friends Jonathan Campolo ( Pill ), Nick Campolo, and Andrew Chugg ( Pop. 1280 ). 

Blush is Maura Lynch (of Darlings), backed by her friends Jonathan Campolo (Pill), Nick Campolo, and Andrew Chugg (Pop. 1280). 


- Hear the new single "Baby Don't Blush" at NPR Music! 

- Release show 12/13 at Union Pool! 

"a retro pop-rock tune with a simplicity that lends more weight to every aesthetic detail, from its measured pace to its faint, positive glow." - Stereogum

"Like an unexpected warm beam of sunshine breaking through cloudy and chill, gray fall days ...details a morning ritual, the process of awakening and the beauty that can radiate when you roll over to face the one you love beside you, waiting to recount your dreams in the hues of morning light." The Grey Estates

"a small pocket of warmth in an otherwise grey world" - Gold Flake Paint

Blush - s/t 12" Pale Pink Vinyl LP
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"I joined my first band, Darlings, just after graduating from college in New York. After years of playing to no one in my bedroom, I suddenly found myself figuring out how to perform onstage, learning how to write songs with other people, and relishing the comforting embrace of being in a band with my best friends. After eight years with Darlings, during which we released three albums and played everywhere from the Whitney Museum to Music Hall of Williamsburg to Brooklyn’s now-dead DIY monuments like Death by Audio and Shea Stadium, we called it a day in 2015 with a final show.

After a short stint playing with the ever-amazing Beverly, I began missing the act of making and sharing music with my friends. I turned to a cache of bedroom demos I had been recording sporadically under the name Blush — something I honestly came up with just as a way to organize them on my computer. Inspired by my love of straightforward pop songs, simple guitar playing, and layered vocals, the Blush demos became a diary of sorts of my late 20s: songs about loving people who didn’t deserve it, songs about loving people who did; making sense of the monotony of an office job; and finding my own steadier footing along the way. Last year, I felt ready to finally record them for real.

I got together with my friends Andy Chugg (Pop. 1280) and Nick and Jon Campolo (Pill) to turn my demos into real songs. Over nights and weekends in 2016, we recorded at Andy's Gilded Audio studio, in both its first location in Chinatown and, later, in Dumbo. Andy made the album sound better than I could have ever imagined; Nick brought his sparkling guitar tones and solos; Jon made everything sound lush with harmonies and warm synths. Working to together was one of the breeziest, most fun music-making experiences I've ever had.
And now, we have Blush." - Maura Lynch

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