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“I’m not sure how to describe the group’s raspy, repetitious rock and roll other than to say it is no goddamn joke. It’s also tremendously exciting. The songs on Play Cosmic Hits cull from bands like Lungfish, Wire and The Ex but feel exhilaratingly fresh” – Gabe Vodicka, Flagpole Magazine

"This band basically sounds like if you broke down every single Parquet Courts song, picked out the good bits, and threw away the rest. It's music that is too melodic for punk conventions, and walks the line of hardcore with shouted vocals. According to them, "It’s music that sounds angry, but hopeful—aggressively positive." What else could you really want in music? ... Warning: you won't want this song to end, ever." - Noisey


Arbor Labor Union: an Armored Seed

Once upon a time rock n roll music was insane. Several times before you have heard and perhaps proclaimed that "music is the truth." This band called Arbor Labor Union honors this notion. I've been in an audience and seen them sneak their music close to the truth. The atom has reviewed their songs and said "this band speaks to the core" and "on this we are not divided".

Guitar player Brain Atoms always wears green and taps his foot to the stage in hopes it turns into a porch.

Bass player Ryan Evers pumps the tonal artery and stirs the cosmic dirt with his welcome grin

Singer and Guitar player Bo Orr sings the wisdom of unknowing and kicks through blind dimensions

Drummer Ben Salie invokes the shaman beat and whips layers of lava lamp cymbal vibrations

All of these men have agreed and that is beautiful. If you pay attention, you might notice all of their songs are about their songs, and that is beautiful. They believe in handshakes, repetition, and friendship. They are lifelong friends, and they play that sound.



“Sleep is Forget”


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Bo Orr – Vocals, Guitar

Ben Salie – Drums

Brain Atoms – Guitar

Ryan Evers – Bass